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APRIL 2019

At Alwin Anthony Salon / Spaces, we are dedicated to being GREEN and eco-friendly. In the Spring of 2019, we applied for the top most level of sustainability in our village of Grayslake. We proudly are the first business in Grayslake to have this title. Here are the ways in which we are committed to a better world.

1. Interior lighting is all LED upgraded per Comed program.
2. Energy efficient thermostat called Sensi.
3. In 2016 we upgraded to 2 new water boilers.
4. Spring 2019, we replaced our storefront window to more energy efficient glass.
5. We recycle with the Village of Grayslake.
6. When we opened in 2009, we were the first eco-friendly salon offering recycle programs, supporting/using/selling family owned products packaged in 30% post consumer recycled packaging and using environmentally safe cleaning products.

We continue to do these things:
-Reuse plastic shopping bags for retail & small garbage liners.
-Supporting/selling/using Surface Hair Products packaged in 30% post consumer recycled packaging and using Sustainably harvesting organic ingredients & natural cleansers (as many hair products are harmful to the environment: detergents, plastics, VOC)
-Using ammonia free color in services (ammonia is also harmful to our environment)
-Offering refill programs on products to save packaging. Example, guests bring in their at home hair treatment bottles for refills.
-75% minimum of our decor has been refurbished, repurposed items. Antiques, recycled wood, found objects, hand made from recycled materials etc.
-We make our own natural cleaning products here for everyday cleaning. 
-Eliminated plastic water bottles re water, we now use 100% compostable water glasses and Brita pitchers. 
-Our pedicure services are pipeless in order to conserve water. Traditional pedicure tubs use 10 gallons or more of water each use. When we moved to Whitney Street 3 years ago, we upgraded to pedicure basins.