Alwin Anthony Salon Hair Associate

The fun: Experience a very hands-on and hands-in learning environment with a professionally trained educator of 15 years.  Shadowing, hands-on live models and hands-in on real salon guests are just some of the training opportunities available.  Embrace RUSK and Surface Haircutting systems, RUSK and Surface Color Theory & Color Placements and other workshops like Curly Cutting, Fine & Thin Haircutting, Organic Smoothing Treatments and more!

Commitment: This Hair Associate partnership is 6 months to 1 year, requiring 12-15 hours per week. Specific days of work are flexible according to your salon trainers & your personal schedule.  May require working some Saturdays.

Compensation: Hourly wage depending on previous job experience + tips.

Responsibilities: Smiling, providing live models, working on salon guests with salon trainer, self-promotion on social media & posts, assisting on salon operations, sanitation, providing positive energy to your co-workers and salon guests.

To apply, Please send your resume, selfie and Instagram handle to